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LimeSDR review

Post by pe1etr » 04 Jun 2016 09:20

I think something was posted on here about this up-coming revolutionary SDR but can't find it.

Here is a review with videos that I just read

So what about a 2Es atoh IQ WAV file that covers both OIRT and CCIR FM bands? Should keep messrs Bunyan and Faulkner busy until Christmas :-) ;)


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Re: LimeSDR review

Post by daveB » 04 Jun 2016 12:48

If I were to get one of these then RX1 would be set to the OIRT band and RX2 to the FM Band - and the RTL dongle would do for Band I TV.

Just a 'small ' problems - 1) a much more powerful computer will be needed 2) huge disk drives to store the files 3) finding time to analyse the files recorded!

When the SDRLime becomes a bit more 'mature' I'll have a better idea of what to go for when the PC needs upgrading - which will be step one. As it is the 1.6 TB of files I've already recorded will keep me busy until the winter - not to mention the logs generated from scanning Band 2 linked to RDSSpy!

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