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Yahoo Groups / New .io Group

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 30 May 2019 16:47

Today, a member took it upon himself to create a new Skywaves .io groups account. This was done without permission and without any correspondence between himself and the group owners.

I must therefore politely request that members refrain from joining the new .io group which the member publicised here earlier today. This was done without permission. We already have a account for Skywaves and the reasons were given why we have not yet migrated the Yahoo groups to the io account. Read here: viewtopic.php?f=113&t=5847

Who are the group owners? Julian Hardstone and Günter Lorenz.

History lesson: For the record, I started the Skywaves groups in 1995, when we were known as the British FM & YV Circle. I handed over the reigns to Julian back in the 00s due to lack of free time/stress. My current status is 'Admin' not 'Owner'.

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