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Larry Dean

Post by KnobTwiddler » 27 Aug 2018 14:45

I have just heard of the passing of Larry Dean, unless you were around in 1966 then you probably have never heard of Larry Dean.
Larry was an American DJ along with Johnnie Walker, Roger Day and Ron O'Quinn on my favourite offshore radio station Swinging Radio England.

Larry Dean (his real name was Frank Laseter) was one of the first voices that I heard on SRE. I remember Larry doing the test transmissions and I was blown away with the great Pam's Jingles used, they were from series 27 known as The Jet Set.
Larry also did programmes on SRE's sister station Britain Radio an easy listening station, both stations were broadcast from the same ship The MV Olga Patricia, later renamed The MV Laissez Faire.

R.I.P Larry. ... __tn__=C-R

If you download any recordings, you will need the password - freeradio.
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