Boston Pirates

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Boston Pirates

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 01 Jul 2018 18:36

There's more pirate activity in this town than you might expect.

Radio Caroline still has an outlet on 87.9. It's intermittent and only just gets into Skegness. Hours seem to be evenings and weekends. It is on air as I type with a very weak signal.

The main reason for starting this thread is because I heard a second pirate in Boston recently. The underground dance music pirate Mix FM broadcasts on 96.0 at weekends. I heard this a couple of Sundays ago while driving through Boston. The signal is solid in the town, but it dropped out less than half way along my drive back to Skegness, a driving distance of 21 miles.

I may as well add one more station, though I haven't heard it for some time. It's an oldies station on 88.0, and I mean 40s and 50s oldies! This had a seemingly live presenter but didn't identify. Oddly, it was heard on a weekday around the early afternoon, when I heard it sign off. In view of the fact that I heard it on the car radio while parked on the drive, I can only guess that this was located somewhere on this side of Boston.

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