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Ofcom have been busy in London

Posted: 27 May 2018 15:08
by KnobTwiddler
Ofcom have been busy recently and on Saturday here in London, it looks like they have removed some of the pirates:

91.8 Demradyo is missing
95.1 Origin UK is missing (it was on Saturday so Ofcom are working on Sundays!!!!)
96.1 S-Dance is missing
96.4 Surprise Radio ? (if that's what it was, is missing, possible interference to Eagle in Guildford)
96.5 Kurdi FM is missing
97.1 LSR were taken off air recently but they are back.
98.1 Mystic is back on after months of being off air (they may not last long if they are causing interference to Phoenix in Brentwood)
100.3 House FM has gone again (regular Ocom target recently)
103.2 Insanity Radio off air (probably interfering with LGR on 103.3
104.2 Play FM (Turkish Pirate) (possibly causing Resonance FM problems on 104.4)
106.5 Project Radio off air again
108.0 Freek FM off after running a blank carrier since last targeted by Ofcom

Note: I have moved my aerials since I last did a pirate band scan so there may be some slight inaccuracies.

Here is a list of my last band scan on 21-05-2018.

88.0-Pulse FM
88.2-Rude FM blank carrier only
88.4-Vision Radio UK
89.4-Citylock Radio
89.6-Golden Beats
89.8-Station FM
90.0-Hot 90
90.2-Point Blank FM
90.4-Studio7 ?
91.5-KGM Radio
91.6-Genesis ?
92.2-MetroLoveRadio blank carrier with hum
93.3-Pirate ? currently off air (bad freq strong sig from R3 Peterborough)
92.4-USD FM ? currently off air
92.6-The Rock 962
92.7-Natural Vibez ?
92.8-Stomp Radio
93.0-Fresh Sounds ?
93.8-Vibes FM
94.2-True Flavas ? off air
94.4-Flava Radio
94.6-Pirate (non-stop 60's & 70's music 24 hrs no announcements) used to be on 87.6
95.1-Origin UK
95.4-Roots FM
95.5-On Top FM
96.1-S-Dance (off air but always returns)
96.4-Surprise Radio ?
96.5-Kurdi FM
97.9-Divine Radio
98.1-Mystic Radio
98.3-RJR London
99.1-New Life Radio
99.5-Venture FM
99.6-Ragga FM
99.7-Intent Radio
99.8-Millenium Supreme
100.3-House FM
101.1-Naija FM
101.2-Unique FM
101.5-Empire LDN not heard for some time
101.7-UJR FN
101.8-BiZiM FM
101.9-Real Beat FM
102.0-Concious Radio
102.8-Radyo Umut
103.7-Pirate ?
104.1-Omega Radio
104.2-Play FM
105.2-Heart Of Love Radio
105.6-Playback UK
106.0-GM On-Line Radio
106.5-Project Radio off air
107.6-Pirate ?
108.0-Freek (blank carrier since they returned after Ofcom activity)

Stations with a ? after them are stations that I have not been able to positively identify.

Re: Ofcom have been busy in London

Posted: 27 May 2018 18:02
by Nick Gilly
Hi KnobTwiddler. 103.7 might be Kane FM from Guildford/Hog's Back. They play a lot of electronic dance music and will often sound similar to some of the pirates.

Of all the London pirates Pulse on 88.0 seems to be the easiest to get here.

Re: Ofcom have been busy in London

Posted: 27 May 2018 18:42
by KnobTwiddler
Hi Nick, I can just about hear Kane (checked it with their stream) but it's mixing with something else, it could be Funky SX from Southend as my aerials favour this direction rather than Guildford... the frequency is a bit of a mess here so there may also be a weak pirate on the channel.

I believe Pulse 88 is in West London, it's a good signal here but again West is not a good direction for me. Ofcom have been taking Pulse off quite a lot recently but they are soon back on air.

Have a good Bank Holiday Nick
Regards, KT.

Re: Ofcom have been busy in London

Posted: 28 May 2018 07:26
by Nick Gilly
Thanks. I'd forgotten about Funky SX. I'd imagine that could sound similar to some pirates as well.

This reminds me, have you heard any drum & bass pirates on 90.4 recently? A few days ago during short-range tropo in the evening I heard ragga-style jungle/DnB with MCing on this channel. There's nothing listed on the excellent Transmission Zero website.

Have a good Bank Holiday too KT.

Re: Ofcom have been busy in London

Posted: 28 May 2018 12:29
by KnobTwiddler
Hi Nick, the station that I get on 90.4 that I thought was Studio 7, turns out to be Whoa FM. I've just been able to get a positive id.

Apparently Whoa FM play Urban Music, but to be honest I wouldn't know the difference between that and Drum & Bass.

If it is of any help in id,ing your station, Whoa FM sounds a bit over the top with their modulation, also at the top of the hour they broadcast FSN News with an intermittent hum on the audio.

Regards, KT.

Re: Ofcom have been busy in London

Posted: 28 May 2018 12:47
by KnobTwiddler
A correction to my first post ("103.2 Insanity Radio off air (probably interfering with LGR on 103.3")

Insanity Radio 103.2 is not a pirate and is not off air, it is in fact a legal Community station in Egham.