Caroline test on 648khz

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David Taylor
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Caroline test on 648khz

Post by David Taylor » 27 Nov 2017 12:07

Hi everyone,
Not been on here for awhile so I thought it was time I appeared again. Heard Caroline test on 648khz booming in on skip at 9.40 am Saturday 25th November. Also it comes up quite well early evening and into the night.
Interesting to mention too that Caroline North was heard with a good signal here in Crewe on 106.5 fm over the weekend.
Well thats all for now pirate fans. Hope everyone has a good Christmas ,a Happy New Year and good dxing.

Mad Radio DXer
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Re: Caroline test on 648khz

Post by Mad Radio DXer » 19 Dec 2017 22:00

I can receive Caroline here no problem during the day, but at night Spain & Slovenia cause too much interference on same frequency. Maybe it can look into increasing power output. When I used to receive the old BBC World Service relay on 648 kHz, it had none of these issues.

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