Amazing DAB tropo

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Amazing DAB tropo

Post by Julius63 » 30 Jun 2018 12:38

Witnessed some of the most amazing tropo from the UK at my QTH in the east of the Netherlands, right on the German border. On my AKAI ADB10 portable I noted 10B Derbyshire, 10C North Yorkshire , 10D Humbersie , 12A Lincolnshire and 12D Peterborough. This was very early hours of june 29th right after Sunrise.
General: Grundig satellit 650, Lowe HF-225, Tecsun PL660
FM; Degen De1103
DAB: Akai ADB10(2x), Nikkei ADB10, Technisat.
All with telescope antenna. I use a home-built(not by myself, :D ) Loopantenna on the satellit for mediumwave

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