DAB I/Q samples needed

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DAB I/Q samples needed

Post by daveB » 04 Jan 2018 11:07

Could someone(s) record some I/Q samples of DAB MUXes using the qt-dab program and post a link to it/them so that we can test an algorithm for decoding the Transmitter Identification Information more extensively? A 200-250 Mb sample would be ideal. Either using an RTL dongle or SDRPlay would be fine. It is easily done by clicking the Write SDR file button to start and then a second time to stop it.


SDRPlay, AirSpyMini, RTL dongles, SB920s, Yamaha TX930. 5 ele compact yagi on rotator at 18ft agl. FM5 facing east, FM5 facing south, FM3 facing NE, OIRT dipole, 3-ele Moxon vertical facing east.

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