DABPlayer Install problem

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DABPlayer Install problem

Post by daveB » 11 Nov 2017 15:08

Some time back I un-installed DABPlayer software from my Win 10 PC. Now when I try to re-install it I can't get it to work.

The RTL stick is an R820T type.

With the RTL stick plugged in:
I've tried using Treiber 2 to install the correct driver - if there is an existing driver it deletes it and then asks to restart the PC. During the re-start process it appears the original driver is installed.

I've tried unintalling the driver via Device Manager and then running Treiber 2 - no device appears and when I try to run DAB 2 it says try installing an RTLstick!

Unplug the RTL stick and plug it back in - Windows re-installs the 6.1.7600 version!

Any thoughts as what I should do? Bear in mind on this same PC a few months ago I had DAB player running on one RTL stick and SDR#/HDSDR running on another stick - at the same time.
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