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Norway FM Switch-Off Imminent

Posted: 06 Jan 2017 13:23
by John Faulkner, Skegness
I just read a post from Giampiero Bernardini on our Yahoo group that Norway are about to start switching off their FM transmitters. I had hoped there would be sufficient public backlash to at least put this idea on hold for now, but it looks like their government are less interested in public opinion than our own.

I would have tagged this on to the original Norwegian DAB closure article but the search function isn't working properly until we get our new software update later this month.


Norway is the first country in the world to abandon the FM to switch entirely to DAB. Wednesday morning, Jan. 11, at 11:11:11 will start the first phase of the switch off. Part of the county of Nordland. The public and those commercial broadcasters will close repeaters in FM, between 87.5 and 108 MHz, for transmitting in digital mode, on the higher frequencies. On February 8, it will follow up with a second slice of Norway. Then there will be other 4 temporal stages to get to 13 December when the whole country will be digital, radiofonicamente talking.

A historic transition, from the point of view of the history of radio. But a passage prepared for years and conducted with determination. Not only with regard to the impressive technical work, as it is not easy to carry almost anywhere the digital signal in a country with many mountains, but also for the effort it takes to prepare and convince people to scrap old radios to switch to the new , on average more expensive. A key point to be addressed was that of the receipt on the move. All cars sold in Norway are now equipped with digital radio. Not only that, many tunnels are equipped to allow the reception of favorite programs, without interruption, even in the mountains.

L 'offer DAB is substantial. Public radio has 25 channels, compared to 5 present in FM. And there will be all the commercial radio. The attempt to block the switch off, through a mobilization of the people and with the involvement of Parliament, has not been successful. Also because the pro DAB lobby proved well organized and has been able to engage the interest of people, focusing on sound quality keys and 'innovation. Much also advertised. In addition to time they are available on the internet guides and tips to learn how to best use the new technology. To understand just look around a bit 'in the Norwegian site dedicated to digital radio, obviously using the automatic translator:

The operation was made possible thanks to a great effort of 'linked to the digital industry, under the benevolent eye of the 4G network operators, hoping to conquer new spaces in listening to streaming. At the time in fact the most DAB radios are little portable. They are coming to the market, at lower and lower prices, new digital receivers, even pocket, but at the moment the real autonomy of the batteries is not exciting, beyond what the manufacturers claim. So if you are not at home or in your car and you want to listen to the radio while you are walking or jogging do better, for a while 'at least, better smartphone and 4G streaming. Of course we are in a field where technological development is high, so we have to wait. And we'll have to figure out what impact will this choice in other Western countries, such as Switzerland, where listening in DAB is catching on and is already talk of a similar switch off can.

A question naturally arises at this point: the old FM what will happen in Norway? become completely mute? No. They will remain active on this band local stations outside of major urban centers. Furthermore it is conceivable that there will be space for community stations, schools, universities, religious, sports, even in other policies. Maybe low power and designed to serve small areas. In this way you could really grow the opportunity of access to the airwaves and thus the radio democracy. And this is another page in the history of radio, still to be written.

Re: Norway FM Switch-Off Imminent

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 23:34
by daveB
So if local stations will remain on FM - there are still DX opportunities. All is not lost - and it may prove more interesting long term.


Re: Norway FM Switch-Off Imminent

Posted: 10 Jan 2017 12:35
by John Faulkner, Skegness
This subject goes into more detail on the Yahoo group. It was stated that "some" locals will remain on FM.

This is unfortunate for DXers looking for windows of opportunity. If there are no 'big guns' to hear first, knowing about potential Norwegian conditions on band 2 will be very hit and miss.

The Norwegian local which tends to appear here first is Radio Lyngdal from Raumsland on 107.1. It's vertical. If this goes off air ... It's grim!