FM Bandscan from Houlgate, Normandy

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FM Bandscan from Houlgate, Normandy

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A family gathering drew me from the comforts of home, out to a caravan rented on le Camping La Vallée near Houlgate. I cycled from the ferry, travelling light with a pocket-size L-M-S-VHF analogue radio, but the family car had an excellent RDS radio with adaptive filtering. To my delight it rained every day so the others sat in the caravan more than they went out and I was able to complete a careful bandscan under very flat condx.

The band was quite full of local stations, plus Hessary, Rowridge and Wrotham from southern England. Unidentified on 95.9, 106.7

87.6 RMC Le Havre 1kW
87.7 Mouv' Rouen 0.2kW
88.2 RCF Haute Normandie Le Havre 1kW RCF76LH
88.5 BBC Radio 2 Rowridge 250kW
88.7 MFM Caen 2kW MFMRADIO
88.9 F. Inter Le Havre 1kW
89.1 BBC Radio 2 Wrotham 250kW
89.4 RFM Caen 0.5kW
89.6 Skyrock Le Havre 1kW SKYROCK
90.0 RCF Calvados-Manche Bayeux 1kW //94.9
90.4 R. Classique Caen 2kW CLASSIQ
90.7 F. Musique pres. Orléans 3kW weak
91.3 F. Musique pres. Paimpol 0.4kW weak
91.5 F. Culture Caen 100kW
92.1 F. Musique pres. Laval 6kW weak
92.2 R. Cristal Lisieux 1kW // 103.2
92.5 NRJ Le Havre 1kW
92.7 R. Phénix Caen (College) ToH ann."R.Ph.. sur 92.7" possibly carrying FIP
92.9 BBC R.4 ROW weak, qsb
93.1 Fun R. Coutances 1kW
93.3 F. Culture Le Havre 1kW
93.5 BBC R.4 WRT 250kW weak to good
93.7 Classique Le Havre 1kW CLASSIQ
94.0 F. Culture Rouen 100kW
94.3 R. Albatros Le Havre 1kW ALBATROS
94.7 Nostalgie Le Havre 1kW NOSTALGI
94.9 RCF Calvados-Manche Caen 1kW RCF14-50 // 90.0
95.1 F. Bleu Haute Normandie Le Havre 1kW BLEU.H.N
95.3 RTL pres. Lisieux 1kW (ann.)
95.4 RTL Fécamp 0.5kW (ann.)
95.6 F. Musique Caen 100kW MUSIQUE
95.9 unid: ann. sounds like "Ouestrack" strong, no RDS, not Alouette or Laser
96.3 Fun R. Caen 2kW F U N
96.8 Virgin R. Caen 2kW VIRGIN
97.3 RTL 2 Le Havre 1kW RTL2 funky dance mx
97.6 Skyrock Caen 2kW // 89.6
97.8 VFM Bayeux 1kW (ann.)
98.0 TSF 98 Caen 1kW ann. "R. TSF"
98.4 RTL Falaise 1kW
98.5 F. Musique Le Havre 1kW
98.7 R. FG Caen 1Kw RADIO FG
98.9 Résonance Le Havre 1kW RESONANC
99.1 R. 666 Caen 0.5kW ann. "Si pure 666" heavy rock
99.6 F. Inter Caen 100kW
99.8 F. Maghreb 2 Le Havre 0.5kW FMAGHREB ann. "France Maghreb deux"
100.0 Classic FM N. Hessary Tor 160kW
100.1 F. Bleu Haute Normandie Rouen 100kW
100.2 Tendance Ouest Caen 2kW "La Normandie bouge avec Tendance Ouest"
100.6 R. Courtoisie Caen 0.1kW // 101.1
100.7 Europe 1 Fécamp 0.5kW
100.9 Classic FM Wrotham 250kW
101.1 R. Courtoisie Le Havre 1kW COURTOIS // 100.6
101.4 NRJ Caen 2kW NRJ
101.6 NRJ Flers 0.5kW
101.8 Virgin R. Normandie Le Havre 1kW VIRGIN
102.0 Virgin R. Normandie Falaise 1kW VIRGIN
102.2 F. Bleu Normandie Le Havre 2.5kW BLEU.B.N
102.6 F. Bleu Normandie Caen 100kW BLEU.B.N
103.1 Radio Vallée de la Lézarde Montvilliers 0.2kW "La meiliieur musique sur RVL" chanson, pop, comedy
103.2 R. Cristal Caen 2kW COCKTAIL ann. "Cristal.. Normandie.."
1035. Rire et Chansons Le Havre 1kW RIRE &
103.9 RFM Le Havre 1kW
104.1 NRJ Bayeux 0.1kW weak, ann. "music only"
104.3 RTL pres. Le Havre 1kW
104.7 Europe 1 pres. Le Havre 1kW EUROPE 1
105.0 RTL Caen 2kW
105.3 F. Info Falaise 1kW INFO
105.5 F. Info Le Havre 1kW INFO
105.9 Europe 1 Caen 2kW EUROPE 1
106.1 Tendance Ouest Bayeux 1kW (ann.)
106.4 Nostalgie Caen 2kW NOSTALGI heavy rock
106.7 unid. pres. Jazz R. Lisieux 1kW good pop mix
106.9 Fun R. Le Havre 1kW F U N
107.1 BFM Business Caen 2kW BFM
107.4 Fun R. Lisieux 1kW
107.7 SANEF pres. SANEF Normandie Falaise 0.2kW weak, Boulogne, Caen, Rennes mentioned, ""

For live stream of Radio Vallée de la Lézarde use ... e-rvl.html as their website player is not currently working:

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Re: FM Bandscan from Houlgate, Normandy

Post by Sylvestre »

This FM scan is quite similar as mine, as Houlgate is near my home :-)

95.9 = "Ouest Track Radio" ; this is a local temporary FM radio in Le Havre. Will broadcast until nov '17. But it want to have a permanent license in the future. Power = 20W (!)
DX-FM & DX-TV in Normandy, France : Portenseigne 910 03 02 & Wisi EB-66 on Yaesu G450C.
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