DX Log From Vera, Almeria, Spain

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DX Log From Vera, Almeria, Spain

Post by GrantWilliams » 22 Oct 2015 21:23



1335 88.4 MDR Figaro, Leipzig Wiederau, Germany 1926km
1400 88.4 Bayern 2, Pfaffenberg or Munchen, Germany 1714 or 1630km
1320 88.6 France Culture, Ussel-Meymac/Mont Bessou (?), France _CULTURE 983km
1300 88.8 CRo Sever, Usti nad Labern/Bukova, Czech Republic R-SEVER_ 1886km
1310 88.8 SWR2, Heidelburg/Konigstuhl, Germany __SWR2__ 1594km
1337 88.8 ?,? RDS=KRYSTOF_
1340 88.8 ?,? RDS=KRAJINA_ [Krajina in Serbia? pirate?]
1415 90.5 CRo Hradec Kralove, Trutnov/Cerna hora, Czech Republic R-HK____ 2044km
1422 90.7 Bayern 1, Grunten (?), Germany Bayern_1 1517km
1423 90.8 [no 90.8 tx, must be 90.7 or 90.9?] RadioZurnal, ?, Czech Republic R-ZURNAL
1432 91.4 Radio Impuls, Plzen/Krasov, Czech Republic _IMPULS_ 1849km
1426 91.6 Bayern 2, Hoher Bogen, Germany Bayern_2 1788km
1444 93.5 Frekvence 1, Uti nad Laben/Bukova hora, Czech Republic RADIO_F1 1886km
1448 94.7 Bayern 3, Hoher Bogen, Germany BAYERN_3 1788km

RDS photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/grantdx/

The list is about a third of the stations heard during the two-hour opening and represents those that I could ID. There was so much to listen to (multiple stations on each frequency) that I did not get further than 94.7 progressing up the FM band.

The two unidentified RDS codes may be second/third windows of R-SEVER's RDS encoding. I don't know.

Radio is so mysterious! I cannot receive a hint of 'Smooth FM' whose 500w tx is 21km away from me http://www.smoothfmlive.net/index.php/1 ... as-arrived but I can hear stations from Germany in stereo on a good day!

R-SEVER was particularly strong with a stereo RDS signal for almost two hours continuously. Crazy DX! And the sky was very cloudy from a terrible storm that had passed through the region (floods killed two people) earlier in the day.

Location: Vera, Almeria, Spain [101m asl] 37°14'48'' N, 1°52'7'' W
Equipment: Roberts Gemini 49 portable + internal telescopic aerial

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