702 / 1278 / 1395 UNIDs from the Middle East

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702 / 1278 / 1395 UNIDs from the Middle East

Post by PFM907 » 28 Dec 2017 13:10

702 kHz – tent. Iran (interference by SRO Slovakia)

what I understand is „Teheran...russian language...“
also the start at :30 indicates it must have been Iran
they operate a 500 kW tx located at the Caspian sea

--> https://youtu.be/QisocvEfHVo

1395 kHz – tent. Kurdistan (interference by LPAM NL)

I doubt there is any voice ID in this clip, am I right?
to me, the language seems turkish and not kurdish
I cannot find a web radio livestream of this station

--> https://youtu.be/WPR7v9qoUpE

1278 kHz

no idea about this one, none of the listed px/tx fits

--> https://youtu.be/MOY0WMSmCgI

thanks in advance for listening to the movie files.
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