NDB (Beacon) on 1102kHz , probably off south coast of Ireland

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NDB (Beacon) on 1102kHz , probably off south coast of Ireland

Post by KPC850 » 20 Apr 2017 09:46

Yesterday (Wednesday) shortly after noon (near cork ireland) discovered weak off-tune sounding AM morse code on 1098kHz car radio (9kHz steps only)
Checked another receiver and found this to be at exactly 1102kHz

It was transmitting
Which is letters KN over and over

Went off approx 3PM but seemed continuous until then (anytime I could check)

With a ferrite bar receiver the null was roughly south-southwest (or 180 degrees other way round, but I presume it was off-shore).

There are offshore gas platforms in that general direction, they are perhaps most likely suspect?

Googling 1102kHz NDB I find this from a Finnish contributor from a few weeks ago:

Translate is muddled but appears to believe that it is from RUS/UKR, but clearly not. My reception was obviously groundwave so not terribly far away considering the likely power of these beacons.

Can anyone else here shed more light on this?

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