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by KPC850
09 Jan 2019 09:34
Forum: DAB
Topic: New good DAB+ portable for DAB & FM DX?
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Re: New good DAB+ portable for DAB & FM DX?

Briefly tried out a new Roberts Stream 107 (in a friend's kitchen) I noticed its FM mode suffers from a 'Birdie' (phantom carrier) on 98.3MHz (it isn't the only DAB/FM radio to suffer from this problem with 98.3 !). A local station on 98.3 could be heard OK with the aerial fully extended, but retrac...
by KPC850
15 Dec 2018 14:44
Forum: Unidentified?
Topic: 819 AM - what is this???
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Re: what is this???

I do not understand the purpose of occupying each and every channel. Surely Spain is much more "guilty" of this than Italy? There are numerous empty frequencies, including those used by RAI before and now been left. What empty MW frequency/cies do you suggest they could use instead of 819kHz ??? I ...
by KPC850
08 Dec 2018 11:57
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: 1611 kHz UK Free Radio Station
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Re: 1611 kHz UK Free Radio Station

apparently from Dundalk area : ... 1&page=223

PS: that link may not go to correct page in the thread depending on your device, but see post in the thread of 25-11-2018
by KPC850
14 Nov 2018 14:25
Forum: Pirate Radio
Topic: Pirate situation in Hungary
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Re: Pirate situation in Hungary

AMDXHUN wrote:
13 Nov 2018 07:37
the 77-87.4 MHz band is using by National Disaster Management Authority,

Would they not have moved over to TETRA by now?
by KPC850
07 Nov 2018 22:33
Forum: Receivers
Topic: XHData D-808
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Re: XHData D-808

I don't wish to take from the undoubted positives of the radio, but one issue with the XHDATA D808 I have used - there is a surprisingly long pause of complete silence of just over 4 seconds when switching to MW or LW , or even switching between MW and LW. Switching to its other bands this mute paus...
by KPC850
25 Oct 2018 09:45
Forum: DX Alerts
Topic: Tropo France 24/10/18
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Re: Tropo France 24/10/18

near Cork Ireland: have been getting a number of French outlets, including (good enough for RDS) 103.1 "BLEUARMO" last night (good around 9PM) and again this morning above band II (but just using FM band vertical dipole aerial): Also I could hear easily still active UK paging frequencies 153.0250 an...
by KPC850
24 Oct 2018 10:04
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: 2.4 Hz beat on 1053kHz (Talksport)
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2.4 Hz beat on 1053kHz (Talksport)

I'm currently getting a "rapid fading" type beat effect of about 2.4 - 2.5 Hz on 1053 kHz, there the whole time to some extent sometimes quite pronounced. (and its definitely between Talksport 1053 transmitters, not anything else on 1053kHz ) Is it the Talksport Droitwich transmitter that is around ...
by KPC850
19 Sep 2018 12:31
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: US "Talking House Transmitters ( 100 milliwatts)
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Re: US "Talking House Transmitters ( 100 milliwatts)

am now on 1680 on the principal that higher is better with small aerials like this Though if you used it on your originally planned 1610, a good proportion of car (and other) radios over here would be able to receive it (on 1611). maybe someone local might tune in! Toyotas I have tried will go to 1...
by KPC850
18 Sep 2018 19:11
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: Sick as a parrot!
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Re: Sick as a parrot!

Why am I as sick as a parrot? 1) In the afternoon on 1008 KHz GrootNieuwesRadio (HOL) was received completely interference free! At my QTH, in the garden, when there is no obvious interference - it is weak and noisy. Probably more to do with being right beside seawater than less noise at the locati...
by KPC850
06 Sep 2018 18:44
Forum: VHF Band 2, OIRT & DAB
Topic: does 108.0 look this bad everywhere?
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Re: does 108.0 look this bad everywhere?

some TV set-top boxes / DVD players etc radiate carriers on 108.0 (and other multiples of 27.0MHz), if any unmodulated carriers are received on 108.0, look nearby!
by KPC850
14 Jul 2018 11:41
Forum: DX Alerts
Topic: ES 12/07/2018
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Re: ES 12/07/2018

Thursday night (12th) heard a brief burst of meteor scatter (well that was it sounded like) of something for maybe a couple of seconds coming over a weak relatively local signal on 103.0 just after 10PM I had on car radio whilst parked here in the southern of Ireland (Cork) , dont know what it was (...
by KPC850
18 Jun 2018 20:00
Forum: Tim Bucknall, Congleton
Topic: Machynys peninsula 6/2018
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Re: Getting ahead of myself,Machynys peninsula 6/2018

Bandscan Machynys peninsular, Llanelli 107.60 UNID Might it have been Newstalk (IRL) ?, I would expect it would be a contender (from this site: considering other IRL signals received in that general direction, Output is mostly speech, though there is late ...
by KPC850
29 May 2018 15:22
Forum: News
Topic: 105.2 Ireland
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Re: 105.2 Ireland

Andrew, the PI code 224A was on 106.7 Cork.

Next weekend (until and including Monday) is the last weekend of 8radio on FM until later in the year
by KPC850
29 May 2018 15:20
Forum: DX Alerts
Topic: Es 29/05/18
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Re: Es 29/05/18

Had a quick tune around car radio near Cork city Ireland around 3PM today: Of these only 107.0 KISSKISS was good enough for RDS name to display signals had slow rather than rapid fades 88.7 France Culture 90.7 French 92.4 French 100.4 French (// 234kHz LW with lag) so RTL 103.6 French 107.0 KISSKISS...
by KPC850
12 May 2018 08:50
Forum: News
Topic: 105.2 Ireland
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Re: 105.2 Ireland

Temporary station currently transmitting 3 days a week on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays (until June 4th, and to return on FM later in the year - Sept/Oct) on 105.2 to Dublin and also available in 3 other cities as below: Dublin 105.2FM Cork 106.7FM Limerick 105.5FM Galway 87.7FM RDS: PS=...
by KPC850
18 Apr 2018 14:32
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: Bretagne 5 on 1593 off air
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Re: Bretagne 5 on 1593 off air

update: it resumed transmissions again a couple of days ago.
by KPC850
10 Apr 2018 08:30
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: DRM on 1071kHz last night (France?)
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Re: DRM on 1071kHz last night (France?)

This DRM transmission is active again on 1071, noted in the past few days after apparently a long absence. AFAIK It is the only MW transmitter (of any mode) currently on air in France as 1593 has fallen silent recently. (as per other thread)
by KPC850
04 Apr 2018 21:43
Forum: Pirate Radio
Topic: West London 21-22nd march 2018
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Re: West London 21-22nd march 2018

zach_m wrote:
24 Mar 2018 21:22
The other day, I received ITV3 audio on 86.5MHz. I don't know where is it come from, but It was certainly ITV3 audio carrier. Link below:
Probably someone's wireless headphone device ??? A frequency in what would of course be the Japanese FM band.
by KPC850
03 Apr 2018 13:41
Forum: Television
Topic: Band 1 - Who's left this year?
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Re: Band 1 - Who's left this year?

Might be worthwhile anyone in the London area (I assume) keeping an eye scanning/monitoring on Band 1 for tests of a vision carrier with an AM audio carrier (offset by −3.5 MHz ), or maybe either on its own initially, if the plans on the link below come to fruition? (and of course do report in this ...

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