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by Brookman Spark
19 Sep 2018 11:23
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: This Evening's Orientals
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Re: This Evening's Orientals

2nd South Asian CR on 1602 is Desi Radio from west London. Just had a look at the daytime MW band on an Oldham remote receiver. I was surprised how much is going on. Probably not a suitable receiver for DX work because of Moorside Edge and Ashton Moss nearby but for regionals and locals it gives a u...
by Brookman Spark
15 Sep 2018 15:34
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: 1440 - 15/09
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Re: 1440 - 15/09

The east Netherlands SDR shows something on its spectrum snapshot page for today from 0500 to 0635 give or take a couple of minutes. Looks piratey to me with a definite start and end. Saudi Ar had faded out there by about 0320. Saw reports of Paradise heard...
by Brookman Spark
14 Sep 2018 11:29
Forum: News
Topic: Medium wave shut downs in UK
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Re: Medium wave shut downs in UK

As Tim says Merseyside is still with us, tuned in on a couple of remote SDRs. Carlisle Radio 4 was hovering underneath at just-audible-sometimes level on one of them. If you're on the east coast then one or more of those Dutch 1watt licensed stations could also be possible at 1485. Does that count a...
by Brookman Spark
09 Sep 2018 11:13
Forum: Unidentified?
Topic: 819 unid mixing with Egypt
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Re: 819 unid mixing with Egypt

Hello John (and also Jon), Even though Tajik and Farsi sound the same to most ears I'll go with the distinctively formal presentation style of Iran on this one, including the Chopin-style piano interludes they seem to like on all Persian stations. And mention of "Iran" at 0min07 and at 2min43. Possi...
by Brookman Spark
01 Sep 2018 16:52
Forum: Pirate Radio
Topic: Radio Seabreeze AM
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Re: Radio Seabreeze AM

Hi Dave, Dutch LPAM Seabreeze is a daily daytime signal on the Grimsby SDR's east-west loop (not the default loop). While the ship is offshore for this commemoration Seabreeze is transmitting live from there on 747, whereas 1395 from Grou is currently a r...
by Brookman Spark
26 Aug 2018 19:13
Forum: News
Topic: Remote receiver South Africa
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Remote receiver South Africa

Disturbed conditions? A view to the south could be useful. New Kiwisdr remote receiver in South Africa: It's much more lively than the older SDR in that region. Good for checking what stations are alive there as DX possibilities. 1377 is not giving any signs of TZA Ra...
by Brookman Spark
11 Aug 2018 23:43
Forum: Unidentified?
Topic: A long shot - French speakers needed please
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Re: A long shot - Franch speakers needed please

Hi Nick, At 0:03 onwards I'm hearing "chaque jour de l'été ... sur Europe 1" and into music. But there isn't a match to the female voice on the Europe 1 archive for their Sunday morning programme "Je rêve donc je suis". Have you got an exact time for this extract? 87.8 Europe 1 Villefranche-de-Rouer...
by Brookman Spark
09 Aug 2018 13:34
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: China on MW in August!
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Re: China on MW in August!

Not forgetting the several Xinjiangs on 1494. Yes heard one of them in Belgium during July. But it's only this week that I've had the echo indicating that more than one of them is getting through. Sign on at 23:00 if I remember correctly.
by Brookman Spark
30 Jul 2018 19:23
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: Who is this one ?
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Re: Who is this one ?

Given the frequency, the time and the slavic sounds it has to be Bulgaria Horizont. Only one word to grab on to and look up: second recording, 19secs: dispasna (dispose). I find it really difficult to differentiate between Russian, Belorussian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian. No, not difficult but impossib...
by Brookman Spark
11 Jun 2018 23:45
Forum: Unidentified?
Topic: 3x E-Skip UNID - S/W Europe
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Re: 3x E-Skip UNID - S/W Europe

Patrick73 wrote:
11 Jun 2018 22:27
in french we say 'virgule pub'
An ad bumper
by Brookman Spark
03 Jun 2018 14:58
Forum: Unidentified?
Topic: 87.6 Arabic - ID sounded like 'Suriye FM'
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Re: 87.6 Arabic - ID sounded like 'Suriye FM'

Nick, at your 3m04 I'm hearing "Chérie FM" as part of a sentence in Arabic. Why I'm hearing it is a different matter! I'm not aware that the brand owners NRJ Group use that name in, for example, Lebanon. Other portions of the recording are throwing up Balkan languages, and other fragments which are ...
by Brookman Spark
31 May 2018 13:29
Forum: Unidentified?
Topic: Another UNID on 107.4 with Muslim px, Albania?
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Re: Another UNID on 107.4 with Muslim px, Albania?

Have to agree with the placing as BIH or nearby. The chant is "Mubharak Ramazan" or Happy Ramadan. Followed by a sermon with intro in Arabic and then the local language of Balkan type. Religious terms are given in Arabic. Very unlikely that there would be a station ID within a sermon. Nice catch! Ed...
by Brookman Spark
23 May 2018 19:58
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hi from North London
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Re: Hi from North London

Martha was the one with the beret and the glasses. She spent her final earthly moments in the Rovers Return.

But what was the name of Minnie Caldwell's cat? No looking it up!
by Brookman Spark
27 Apr 2018 19:22
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: What are some "easy" MW DX stations to look out for?
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Re: What are some "easy" MW DX stations to look out for?

No mention of easterly stations so I'll kick it off. For early evening to mid evening in the current season. 1566 HLAZ Jeju South Korea Even easier, the various Armenias: 864 - 1350 - 1377 - 1395*. These are hardly DX in wintertime but the summer challenge would be to see how early they propagate to...
by Brookman Spark
24 Apr 2018 18:26
Forum: Propagation
Topic: Solar Cycle 25
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Re: Solar Cycle 25

Not directly related to the cycle, or possibly not directly related to the cycle, I like this report on today: The mysteries of last week's auroras: There was no big explosion on the sun last week. So what caused the shock wave? No one knows. Despite the fact that there are multiple...
by Brookman Spark
09 Mar 2018 13:52
Forum: Unidentified?
Topic: 95.2 unid think Turkish 0915 23-07-17
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Re: 95.2 unid think Turkish 0915 23-07-17

That'll be Turkish with its distinctive "-u" word endings (I don't know how to spell it but that's a close as-heard attempt). Where it's coming from is a different matter of course.

The brief singing at the top might be Turkish but it's too short a sample to be sure.
by Brookman Spark
08 Mar 2018 20:52
Forum: News
Topic: Absolute ask permission to close MW relays
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Re: Absolute ask permission to close MW relays

OFCOM gave a public consultation on the closure of some (not all) relays and on the 3dB power reductions for the five main transmitters. Consultation closed on 2nd of March so it shouldn't be long before we know the outcome.
by Brookman Spark
08 Mar 2018 20:49
Forum: News
Topic: Northsound 1035khz closing
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Re: Northsound 1035khz closing

by Brookman Spark
04 Mar 2018 21:57
Forum: Medium Wave & Long Wave
Topic: The Conditions Thread
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Re: The Conditions Thread

No takers for the MW DX crossword clue then? (See three posts above)

American queue: line
Oldies: grey
Temporarily improved hearing: greyline
by Brookman Spark
03 Mar 2018 23:47
Forum: Unidentified?
Topic: Today's UNIDs from Israel and the Middle East
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Re: Today's UNIDs from Israel and the Middle East

Hebrew again. It has the style of a sports report to it. The music at the end which you might not be interested in, is interesting :) From the very brief amount heard it could be Portuguese fado, Spanish flamenco or Arabic, showing the common background of those three genres. I would guess your SpE ...

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